We, EnzymeLabo, contributes to achieving carbon neutrality through enzyme technology.

The global environment is changing and various issues are arising. We, EnzymeLabo, aim to solve social issues using microorganisms and enzymes.

Emzyme Labo

"Conveying the Spirit of Japan through Technology"

We received this message from my mentor professor who are the specialist in microbiology and enzyme engineering when we started the company.
We are inspired this message and made our corporate philosophy "respond to global challenges with technology”. We will contribute to society by responding to our customers' requests concerning global issues such as the environment, resources, and life, and pursue the happiness of our employees and the development of our company.
We will continue to work as one to face more difficult challenges and develop unique technologies.

M o r e

Our strengths are "Screening and discovery technology of microorganism and enzyme" and "Seamless development capability from exploration to applied development (social implementation)".
By leveraging this strength to solve social issues, we aim to use microorganisms and enzymes to solve the most pressing issues related to "environment, resources, and life".
Specifically, We are working on the development of the following:
・ Plastics’ bio-recycling system for carbon neutrality
・ Enzymatic assay system

M o r e

We have received support messages from microorganism and enzyme specialists as follows "Enzymatic recycling development for plastics are promising future", "An up-and-coming start-up company that could be described as coming from either Numazu National
 College of Technology or Tokyo Institute of Technology", "Outstanding track record in the search for microorganisms and enzymes with novel properties and functions".
We have also received support messages from management specialists "Stable management system in place" and "A thorough understanding of the essentials for healthy corporate growth".

M o r e